CE_Organic Red Rice 900g

Organic Red Rice

RM 16.90

Product of India

green-leaf-15x19 Lactose Free  green-leaf-15x19 100% Organic  green-leaf-15x19 Baby Safe

green-leaf-15x19 Minimally Processed  green-leaf-15x19 Suitable For Vegan  green-leaf-15x19 Ecologically Friendly 

• Non GMO   • Chemical Free   • Gluten Free

• Pesticide Free  • Herbicide Free • Preservative Free

Organic Red Rice is high in dietary fibre. The pigment contains anthocyanins, a type of powerful antioxidant. Red rice contains angiotensin II and Iron. 

Ingredients : 100% Organic Red Rice

Net Weight: 900g 

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Little Tips: 

• Soak red rice in water for 30 minutes before cooking in order to make rice softer.

• As a general rule, red rice should be cooked with 2 cups of water to every cup of rice.

• However, because red rice is heavy and not was easy to chew as plain white rice, it is best to mix a cup of red rice with a cup of white rice.



Please keep in cool & dry place.

Away from direct sunlight.

Refrigerate unused portion.

Due to natural variations, colours and textures may differ from batch to batch.

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