CE_Organic Baby Rice Stage 1_6M 500g

Organic Baby Rice [Stage 1: 6M+] , 500G

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Suitable for babies from 6 months and above!

• GLUTEN FREE   • Non GMO   • Chemical Free

• Pesticide Free  • Herbicide Free • Preservative Free

green-leaf-15x19 Suitable For Vegan

Ingredients: Organic Pearl White Rice, Organic Amaranth Seeds, Organic Millet, Organic Pearl Brown Rice

Net Weight: 500G

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Organic Pearl White rice provide babies good source of B complex vitamins, high energy, useful protein, easy to digest, rejuvenates the body when mixed with milk and is a cure for diarrhea and dysentery.

Organic Pearl Brown Rice Best introduced to babies begins eating solids at 6 months. Brown Rice is High in Fibre which helps treat constipation. 

Organic Amaranth Seeds gives important nutrients to babies which helps with brain development & healthy digestive tract.

After 6 months of age, your baby needs to receive iron in either the foods they eat or formula since breast milk does not contain a lot of iron. Babies need 11 mg of iron per day or be at risk for iron deficiency, which can cause lasting delays and deficits in cognitive and behavioral development. There is 15 milligrams of iron in one cup of raw Amaranth which can be easily mixed into your baby meals so that your baby is receiving enough iron per day.

Organic Millet is one of the best protein sources and is rich in vitamin B, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and magnesium.
—– Cures Iron Deficiency:
Millet is an excellent source of iron and cures anemia in babies.
—- Bone Development:
Millet contains a high proportion of calcium and regulates the bone development process of small and growing children.
—— Treats Constipation:
Millet has got hydration properties. They hydrate the colon and, therefore, keep your baby safe from constipation.
——– Easily Digestible:
Millets are alkaline, non-glutinous and soothing cereals. Thus, they possess smooth digestion properties.
——– Maintains Metabolic Rate:
The essential mineral phosphorous helps metabolize fat and repairs damaged tissues.


May contain traces of nuts and wheat. Packed in a packing house that also packs nuts and wheat.


Please keep in cool & dry place.

Away from direct sunlight.

Refrigerate unused portion.

Due to natural variations, colours and textures may differ from batch to batch.

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