Porridge (The Chinese Way)


I always enjoy a hot bowl of porridge, not only when I’m sick, also during rainy days or some other days when I feel like having it.

I started cooking organic baby rice when my dad’s stomach wasn’t feeling really well due to poor digestion. So, I took a packet home and cooked soft food (organic porridge) for him, hoping it would improve his stomach condition.


The feedback was good as he did not complain about stomach upset (reflux, etc. symptoms) after meal, which I was glad to hear that. I, personally love eating it as the texture and the taste of the organic porridge is quite different, better than the ordinary white rice, – softer, richer, nutritional (because it contains buckwheat & corn meal), easy to digest & filling.

So yes, Organic Baby Rice is not only for toddlers, it is also suitable for elderly.


However, the taste would be bland if we eat this everyday, and so, I added a tablespoon each of Vegetarian Marinated Meat (made from mushroom, as I am a vegetarian) and Hong Kong Fresh Olives Vegetables. By adding both on my organic porridge, I received quite a number of positive responses, which I am gladly willing to share with all of you!

Scroll down to view my FULL RECIPE.


Preparation Time: 5-15 minutes

Cooking Time: 1-2 hours


  • • Half cup / 100g   Organic Baby Rice
  • • Half cup              Corn Kernels (Remove From Fresh Sweet Corn)
  • • Half                     Sponge Gourd 丝瓜 (Cut into cubes)
  • •  1 tablespoon      Vegetarian Marinated Meat
  • •  1 tablespoon      Hong Kong Fresh Olives Vegetables


  1. Put the baby rice to the saucepan and pour water (double or triple the portion of the rice). Put in corn kernels & sponge gourd, bring to boil. Stirring from time to time and watching carefully that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
  2. After 5-10 minutes of continuous boiling & stirring, transfer to a slow cooker, let it cook for 2 hours. 
  3. Once done, serve with Vegetarian Marinated Meat & Hong Kong Fresh Olives Vegetables.

Organic/ Natural Rice, You Should Know Them ALL- CLEAN EATING GROCER MALAYSIA

Greetings Clean Eaters, 

Before we get into the pros of Organic / Natural rice, let’s learn about different types of rice currently available in the market.



  • LONG-GRAIN ~  Long & Slim, about four to five times longer than its width. This grain will stay fluffy, firm, and distinct when it’s cooked. Long-grain rice includes Brown-, Basmati-, & Jasmine- Rice.
  • MEDIUM- GRAIN~ Shorter, wider than long-grain, size is about two to three times longer than its width. After it was cooked, the rice texture would be soft, moist, sticky (but, not much clumping). Medium-grain includes Arborio & Valencia rice, which are commonly used to make risotto & paella.
  • SHORT GRAIN~ Short, slightly longer than its’ width. This type of rice will turn out soft and clumpy when it’s cooked. Best used to make sushi, pudding & molded food.
  • BROWN RICE ~ To produce this rice, ONLY the outermost layer, known as the hull, is removed. This procedure causes the LEAST damage to its nutritional value , and also, avoided unnecessary & further loss of nutrients that would occur if it undergoes further processing.

Organic Brown Rice

  • BASMATI ~ Mainly comes from Northern India and Pakistan.  This rice has abundance of nutritional value especially Low Gluten, High Energy food, Higher Fibre Content, Rich in Vitamins. 
  • RED RICE~ This long-grain rice has the same nutritional value as brown rice. The grain gets its’ red color from an antioxidant known as anthocyanin (also found in purple / red coloured vegetables & fruits). Anthocyanin could help reduce inflammation, allergy, prevent cancer & aid weight loss. Once it’s cooked, it has a nutty, complex flavor.


  • BLACK RICE~ Once known as the “Forbidden” rice as it was served to the royals in China back then. This grain is rich in Fibre, Loaded with antioxidant, Phytonutrients, Low in Sugar (Suitable to be served to diabetic patients & High blood pressure patients.)


  • WHITE RICE~ White rice is the final product of the further processed Brown rice. It contains mainly starch, as the process destroyed 67% of the vitamin B3, 80% of the vitamin B1, 90% of the vitamin B6, half of the manganese, half of the phosphorus, 60% of the iron, all dietary fibre & essential fatty acids found in brown rice. However, white rice is still being consumed by large population due to its soft texture & aroma. Hence, it is advisable to mix white rice with other grains.


Twibio Apricot Filled Organic Biscuit

Le Moulin du Pivert (that’s French for “Woodpecker’s Mill”) is a family owned organic biscuits baker. In the middle of this breathtaking landscape of steep green hills overlooking the Pyrenees mountains, three successive generations have built and passed on their passion for taste, organic farming and mankind, and committed to choosing the highest quality organic raw ingredients.

We produce a whole range of yummy biscuits, from Cookies to shortbreads, high-end chocolate-covered biscuits and snack bars. All are made on site, traditionally, with artisan care and flair.

 Nutritional Facts:
Per 100g
Energy 1651kJ/391kcal
Fat 8.7g
       – Saturated 2.2g
Total Carbohydrate 73.6g
       – Sugar 43.6g
Fibre 2.9g
Protein 3.3g
Salt 0.15g
Net Weight: