Organic Black Rice Flour Gluten Free

RM 13.90

Repacked In Malaysia

• GMO Free  • Vegan/Vegetarian  •Gluten Free

green-leaf-15x19 No Preservatives    

green-leaf-15x19 Unbleached   

green-leaf-15x19 No Coloring

green-leaf-15x19 No Chemical    

green-leaf-15x19 No Added Substance  

green-leaf-15x19 100% Organic

Clean Eating Organic Black Rice Flour is 100% ground from the highest quality Organic whole grain black rice.This gluten-free flour is milled from organically grown unpolished black rice, which retains its original rice bran, thus providing more fibre content. A high antioxidant and low glycemic index (GI) alternative to making baby food, bread, cakes, muffins and pancakes.

Organic Black Rice known as the forbidden rice, is an ancient grain that has impressive health benefits than other rice varieties.Organic black rice is richest in powerful disease-fighting anthocyanin antioxidants. It contains dietary fibre, anti-inflammatory properties and many more health benefits.

Net Weight:  300g

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