Clean Eating Organic Oat Flour

Organic Oat Flour

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Product of Finland

Organic Oat flour is a awesomely healthy flour to bake with, in conjunction to the fact that it adds a delightfully sweet taste to whole grain baked goods. With oat flour, you are able to enjoy the same nutritional value that oats contain; yet savour the lovely taste that oat flour brings to your whole grain baked goods. Oats, and oat flour is very healthy for everyone to eat on a regular basis, and the best part is….. IT’S DELICIOUS!

Net Weight:  500g

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Wonder what to do with our Oat Flour? No worries! Take a look at our recipe below!

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green-leaf-15x19 Oat flour has 120 calories per 1/3 of  cup

green-leaf-15x19 Oat flour is wonderful addition to whole wheat flour. (For recipes that call for 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white flour, you can easily substitute plain white flour with oat flour)

green-leaf-15x19 Oat flour is a great thickener to use in sauces.

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