Red Tea (For Slimming), 100g

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Product of China

Chinese red tea is commonly found in mountainous areas, like most tea plants in China.

Nett Weight: 100g (20 sachets x 5g )

Health Benefits: 

  1. Improve HEART HEALTH: Reduce risk of stroke by approximate 21%.
  2. Provides ENERGY: Although Red Tea has Low caffeine content, the amount it has is ideal to enhance blood flow to your brain and stimulate your metabolism and respiratory system.
  3. Improves DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Chinese Red Tea has therapeutic effect on gastric and intestinal illnesses.
  4. Strengthen IMMUNITY: Contains Antioxidants and alkylamine antigens to help boost  immune response against viruses.
  5. STRESS RELIEVING : Calming Effect as Red Tea reduce level of stress hormone cortisol.
  6. Maintain HEALTHY BONES: The phytochemicals present in Red Tea help maintain stronger bones and reduce rise of arthritis.
  7. CANCER PREVENTION: Some Studies have shownthe ingredients present in Chinese Red Tea, eg. polyphenol and catechins, help prevent certain types of cancer.

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