Baking Powder 250g

RM 6.90

Baking powder is generally used to increase the volume and lighten the texture of baked products. It functions by releasing carbon dioxide gas into a batter through an acid-base reaction, causing bubbles in the batter to expand and thus, leavening the batter. Cornstarch is also typically found in baking powder. It’s added as a buffer to prevent the acid and base from activating during storage.

Various Uses of Baking Powder:
• Baking   • Cleaning  • Ulcer Pain  • Splinter Removal

• Sunburn Remedy  • Deodorant  • Enhance Sport Performance

• Plaque-busting tooth & gum paste • Insect Bites • Teeth Whitener

• Foot Soak • Exfoliator  • Detox Bath 

Net Weight: 250g
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