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Organic Pearl Barley

RM 8.90

Product of China

• Non GMO  • Gluten Free • High Fibre

green-leaf-15x19 Herbicide Free    green-leaf-15x19  Minimally-Processed  green-leaf-15x19 Colouring Free

green-leaf-15x19 Non-Irradiated    green-leaf-15x19 Ecologically-Friendly   green-leaf-15x19 Pesticide Free

green-leaf-15x19 Artificial Chemicals Free 

Minimum polishing of the barley & nutrient value is intact. Good source of protein, vitamins, fibre & carbohydrates.

Net Weight: 500g

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How To Use: 

Add to:

green-leaf-15x19 Soups     green-leaf-15x19 Casserole     green-leaf-15x19 Serve as drinks


Store in a cool dry place. Keep refrigerated once opened.

Certified Organic by:bcs_logo

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