Black Himalayan Rock Salt

RM 6.90

Product of Pakistan

• 100% Natural   • Essential Trace Minerals 

green-leaf-15x19 Chemical Free   green-leaf-15x19 Pollutant Free   green-leaf-15x19 No Free Flowing Agent

Himalayan Rock Salt, also known as “Saindhav” salt, is mined from the ancient salt deposits formed over millions of years on the mountains of the Himalaya. Shield from impurities and pollutants it is the purest form of salt known to man. Naturally, it contains multiple trace minerals that give the brand its unique properties and flavour. 

Nett Weight: 150g

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How To Use:

Himalayan Rock Salt is a natural product that is selected with great care for your cooking delight.


This is a natural product, hence, colour, texture and nutritional analysis of the product may vary from batch to batch.


Store in a cool dry place

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