French Sea Salt – Fine

RM 9.90

Product of France 

Net Weight: 350g

• Doctor’s Recommendation   • Vital Mineral Blend

green-leaf-15x19 Nutritious than Table Salt   green-leaf-15x19 Quality Certified  green-leaf-15x19 Exquisite Taste

green-leaf-15x19 Preservatives Free  green-leaf-15x19 Chemical Free  green-leaf-15x19 Suitable For Vegan

green-leaf-15x19 100% Natural & Authentic  green-leaf-15x19 Lactose Free  green-leaf-15x19 Ecologically Friendly 

French sea salt is acclaimed by top chefs in the world & is the most expensive sea salt.

What makes it so special, and why is it so expensive?

Literally translated as “flower of salt,” Fleur de Sel salt is one of the finest and rarest salts in the world.It has been gathered on the island of Ré, off France’s Atlantic coast, since the seventh century. Beloved by cooks, these fine, light crystals have a delicate flavor and high concentration of minerals, making them the perfect finishing salt.

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Produced using traditional methods in which sun and wind evaporate the sea water, leaving crystals that are skimmed by hand from the surface of salt pan

How To Use:

French Sea Salt imparts a rich, exceptional flavour that enhances the taste of any dish. Use as a replacement for ordinary table salt in cooking, baking or to season dishes.


Store in a cool, dry place.

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