CE_Organic Dark Red Kidney Bean 500g

Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans

RM 12.90

Product of China

green-leaf-15x19PRESERVATIVE FREE  green-leaf-15x19CHOLESTEROL FREE  green-leaf-15x19CHEMICAL FREE

green-leaf-15x19ARTIFICIAL FREE  green-leaf-15x19LACTOSE FREE  green-leaf-15x19100% ORGANIC

green-leaf-15x19ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY  green-leaf-15x19BABY SAFE  green-leaf-15x19MINIMALLY PROCESSED

green-leaf-15x19GMO FREE  green-leaf-15x19SUITABLE FOR VEGAN/VEGETARIAN

Kidney beans is one of the world’s healthiest food. Like all dry vegetables, kidney beans have the highest protein content of all plant.

The kidney bean is shaped like a kidney. Since these dark red beans hold their shape really well during cooking and readily absorb surrounding flavors, they are one of the favorite beans to use in simmered dishes.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans

Net Weight: 500g

Certified Organic by: lb41_209

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